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How to Keep Track of Your Weight Loss

Woman Measuring Waist

Weight loss can be confusing for many people. Anyone who is overweight will try any diet, exercise program or supplement to make sure that they get rid of the unwelcome fat in their body. There are many metrics that are used to measure weight loss and also how well any supplement would work on your body. While the scale is the most basic way of checking your progress on how much fat you are losing, some products help you in more specific ways like when you are on a ketone diet. Let us look at this fat loss option and how to stay on top of it.

What is a Ketogenesis?

Many people do not understand what a ketone diet is, and they Urine test stripthink that taking a supplement that mentions ketosis will simply make them lose weight. Ketogenesis or ketosis is a biochemical process, where the human body produces a substance known as ketone bodies. These elements work to breakdown fatty acids and ketogenic amino acids which results in the body turning to stored fat for energy. A quality ketosis supplement when combined with a low carb diet will help you naturally lose weight.

How to Measure Ketosis

There are multiple methods that a person who is using a supplement can measure their progress. You can check out some ketogenic supplement reviews and examine their list of favorite brands, but here are the main options:

Electronic Blood Meters

These units are fantastic and can deliver accurate results but are not cheap. If you want to get one, they are available online, and we suggest you get them from a reputed manufacturer.

Breath Analysis Meters

These meters are more affordable and than the electronic blood meters but are not very accurate. You can get an idea of your progress, but it would not be the best option.

Urine test strips

A relatively new development in measuring ketosis, these strips work by delivering a chemical reaction when they come into contact with urine. The strips will give you an overall reading that can help you stay on top of your weight loss regimen and they are also cost-effective.

Why Lose Weight

Woman Measuring WaistLosing weight may not seem important to some people, but the fact remains that being overweight can lead to many health complications. If you feel that you are fat, it probably means that you are, and you must look for the best option to reduce your weight. Do not leave it unattended or ignore it as you may end up with other more dangerous health conditions.…

10 Odd Occupations – What To Do After College Graduation



Contrary to the assumptions of many people, life after college is very different. A lot of them do not actually know what to do after college graduation. Some students achieve their dreams and get a job in their desired fields easily. Some students have to live with odd jobs until they can find something appropriate. Some people pick unusual college majors that are often unique and unheard of. Some do not work at all and decide to stay unemployed.

Odd occupations that college graduates get involved in

1. Viticulture

shgshgsusajhsDid you know you could get a degree for making wines? Viticulturists study the art of making wines and growing grapes. You can get an official degree from Cornell University.

2. Theme Park Engineering

California State University offers a proper degree that can help you be a theme park engineer. These engineers have the cool jobs of maintaining and designing thrilling amusement rides and roller coasters.

3. Cosmetic Surgeries

There are a lot of different degrees based on cosmetic procedures. Each becomes a pathway to an odd occupation. Some allow you to become a liposuction surgeon, responsible for removing fat from the body, while some allow you to become a skin lightening surgeon, responsible for procedures like anal bleaching. If you are thinking hard on what to do after college graduation, this is something that you might want to consider as it is very popular nowadays.

4. Comic Art

Another odd occupation is comic artistry. Imagine getting paid for development and design of comic strips. This occupation allows you to work as an illustrator or cartoonist with big industries such as Pixar or Disney.

5. Popular Music Studies Specialist

Universities such as Liverpool Hope University create a pathway for this odd education. Popular Music Studies specialists understand the importance of music history and become great critics in this industry.

6. Food Tester

There are a lot of food-related businesses out there that pay you for eating food. You have to test their products and ensure that they taste good and consistent. An average food tester can make around $35,000 on average.


7. Comedian

Colleges like Humber offer proper degrees that can help their students become professional stand-up comedians. However, a lot of comedians do not opt for degrees, they just improvise and perform as they go along.

8. Auctioneering

Previously, auctions were conducted by any random host. Now, auctioneering is a professional occupation, and needs a degree for one to be a specialist. Auctioneers are specialists who have an eye for merchandise and know how to conduct a fair and interactive auction.

9. Professional Snugglers

Professional snugglers are simply people who get paid for snuggling with the needed individuals for up to an hour. They charge around 60 dollars per hour and only cuddle with you for the desired period of time.

10. Personal Shoppers

jsdkjds8dskjFor people who have no time in their hands, these experts can help make their lives easier. From groceries to clothing, these personal shoppers are experienced with what the client needs, and how to shop for them efficiently.

A huge number of graduates are wondering what to do after college graduation. But if you are diligent, there is no doubt that you will become successful regardless of the field that you would like to pursue.…

Study at home or on campus

Study at home or on campus (1)

Today’s digital world has enabled us to juggle work, study and play.

You can study in any school from anywhere in the world without the need to visit the school physically.

However with many courses available online, some people still prefer to study on campus.

When deciding to study online or on campus there are important factors you need to keep in mind such as how tight your schedule is, your age, commitment, resources among others.

Below is a comparison that will help you choose whether to study at home or on campus

  • Studying on campus

Studying on campus means that you will be physically going to school to attend classes.

Classes are often made up of study groups, lab work, lecturers, classes etc. below are some of the major benefits of studying on campus

· Social interaction- As opposed to studying at home, studying on campus can help you interact more with your teachers and peers.

You can network and get involved in extra curricula activities that will help you beyond your school life

· One on one by instructors- On campus studying gives you the chance to get face to face attention and instruction from your instructor.

· Access to school resources- From the school library, free campus internet, sports activities, you get access to numerous free facilities from your school

· Involvement- Studying on campus will give you the opportunity to get involved with the projects and activities on campus.

  • Studying at home

This mode of study involves relying solely on the internet for your studies and materials.Study at home or on campus (2)

Your lecturer will give you a schedule that is best suited for you and post study materials and tools online where you can log in access anytime of the day. Below are the main benefits of studying online

· Flexibility- Studying at home gives you the ability to choose the most convenient time and schedule to attend classes.

You can choose to attend evening, morning or afternoon online courses. In addition you can work while you work or do other things.

· Convenience- You do not have to be in a specific place to study.

You can attend classes in a cyber, home, restaurant etc.

You don’t need to go physically to school to study.

· Availability of online schools to choose from- There are hundreds of accredited schools u can choose to study from.

Unlike studying on campus where you can either study locally or travel abroad to get the course you want, studying online gives you access to a variety of schools to choose from.

· Comfortable learning environment- Studying at home will give you the ability to choose the most comfortable environment to study in.

You can study at home in a quiet and serene environment.

  • Conclusion

It is up to an individual to know what suits them best, the decision to study at home or on campus is normally a personal choice.
A student who has just completed high school may find on campus studying appropriate while someone who is working may prefer the flexibility that studying at home provides.

Best places to study business

Business courses are in high demand all over the world because they are practical, applied and current.

Best places to study abroad for business students (3)

Since business runs today’s economy, it is therefore important to select the best place to study business.

Making the right choice will enable you to pursue your dream course leading to a thriving career later on in life.

Some of the best places to study business courses are:

1. University of Pennsylvania (Wharton).

This school of business located in North America is highly recognized as a top business school.

It is known for its innovative teaching methods and a vast range of academic programs and resources availed to its students.

Moreover, they claim to have the world’s largest faculty.

They offer a four year Bachelors of Science degree in Economics with courses in finance, accounting, marketing and informational management.

They also offer an MBA degree.

An outstanding aspect of this school is that it offers students the opportunity to earn dual or joint degrees in several business areas.

Best places to study abroad for business students (2)2. University of California-Berkeley (Haas).

It is considered one of the best business colleges in the world.

Their curriculum is well rounded to allow students be involved in the community, global excellence and innovation. Entrepreneurship is also highly encouraged.

Their undergraduate program is flexible enough to allow students to join after their sophomore year in order to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree.

In addition, they offer an MBA program with an emphasis in leadership and management.

3. University of Michigan (Ross).

It is highly ranked among the top business schools annually, featuring a broad curriculum with advanced electives and general management courses.

Ross also boasts of excellent facilities availed to students. It offers a BBA program that leads to an MBA degree as well.

In addition, students should have transferrable credits in calculus, macroeconomics and English and they also have the option of choosing a two or three year program.

4. Stanford University.

The Stanford Graduate School of Business offers a two year full time MBA program focusing on general business management.

It also offers a PhD program and the Stanford Sloan Program which is a general management course that leads to a master of science in management.

5. Harvard Business School.Best places to study abroad for business students (1)

It offers a wide range of business courses including doctoral courses in various streams of management.

These are the best places to study abroad for business students as they provide them with an open gateway to pursue a career in business and management.…

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