An early childhood educator is a well-trained person, who can handle young children with professionalism.

To become a credited early childhood educator, one must obtain the Early Childhood Education from a recognized institution.

So what is Early Childhood Education?

Top Job Professions For Early Childhood Educators (2)

Early Childhood Education, ECE

ECE is an education theory branch that entails the informal or formal teaching of young children, especially under the age of eight.

The branch also covers the toddler or infant education, which is a subsection.

The infant education is similar to ECE but focuses on children from when they are born to the age of two though it is not as common as the parent branch.

Job professions that relate to Early Childhood Education

With a successful completion and graduation of the ECE, the candidate can work in different job positions.

Here are the typical professions associated with ECE.

Top Job Professions For Early Childhood Educators (3)• Child development researcher

Some of the ECE degree holders can work in the research department. The candidates there will require an advanced degree to be sponsored for research.

The minimum requirement for this profession is an ECE master’s degree. In some cases, the child development researchers will advance their education to achieve a doctorate.

The aim of advancing in the ECE is to boost their research skills and strengthen their career.

• Kindergarten/Preschool teacher

A kindergarten or preschool teacher is the most popular job occupation for the Early Childhood Educators.

The eligibility of the degree holders of the ECE will vary from one state or locality to another. However, the most common prerequisite of a preschool teacher is an associate’s degree.

The applicant should also have enough work experience with the preschool children.

For the kindergarten teacher, they are required to hold a bachelor’s degree, along with a student-teaching working experience of at least a year.

• Childcare professional

These professionals will usually work in daycares.

The childcare institutions need professionals that will handle the children appropriately.

Before one is hired as a childcare professional, they might be needed to provide a document that proves their accreditation as an Early Childhood Educator.

They may also be required to pass specific background checks before being hired.

An associate’s degree in ECE is accepted for this job.

• Child development professor

Top Job Professions For Early Childhood Educators (1)Others will spend years studying, who then become ECE professors.

Relatively, an ECE professor must hold a doctorate in the field and should have a lot of experience working with the young children.

The professors can then teach the potential early childhood educators in specific organizations.

People might be curious to know, what is Early Childhood Education? Or where can you work when you obtain the degree.

With this information, you can now put more effort in advancing and solidifying your ECE career as you progress further.